About Us

The Karuna Speech and hearing hss is an educational institutions owned by the The daughters of our lady of mercy congregation of . St.Mary Joseph Rossello(1811-1880) found the congregation of the Daughters of our Lady of Mercy, on August 10,1837 in Savona, Italy. St. Rossello was an Italian woman with an open heart, mind and a prophetic vision filled with a strong character, proclaimed the mercy of God and shared the message of salvation with all the people in the world.  She was born on May 27th, 1811 in Savona, Italy. She was canonized on June 12, 1949.  Her body is intact in Savona at General house, after long rest of 40 years in the grave.

The aim of the congregation is to diffuse the Mercy of God in the world being like Mother Mary-Mother of Mercy, the one who appeared in Savona on March 18th and April 8th, 1536 to Antonio Botta.

Karuna Speech and hearing HSS Calicut, affiliated to Kerala State Board (Govt. of Kerala) that offers LP,UP,HS,HSS was started in the year 14 MAY 1980.Karuna Speech and Hearing School for the Deaf is a Special School for the Hearing impaired, situated near Eranhipalam By-pass Road Calicut in Kerala. It was in the mid-seventies that the Rotary Club of Calicut contemplatedways and means to impart help and support to the Hearing impaired childrenin North Kerala. The medical camps conducted by the Club revealed the sorry plight of this group. The Rotary club, headed by then President MammenMathew (Managing Director, Malayala Manorama), the Secretary, K.A Rasheed and the community project Director Dr.Sekhar Bagchi, first approached Fr.Vergottini.S.J, the mentor and guiding power behind St.Vincent group of institutions for help. Through him, the club approached the Italian religious Congregation “Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy” at Poomala, Sulthan’s
Bathery and invited them over to Calicut to set up their institution.Th e Diocese of Calicut donated a plot of 70 cents and the Rotary club of Calicut constructed the building and provided necessary basic facilities. The trainer machines that were used for teaching the Hearing impaired was purchased with funds received from the Mother house (Italy), the Rotary Club and Inner wheel clubs and other patrons of Calicut. On May 14th 1980, the school was inaugurated by Mrs.JyothiVenkatachellam, the then Governor of Kerala. “Karuna” – a word that literally means “Mercy” is at the time a word that carries with it a whole lot more. ‘Karuna’ encompasses care, compassion kindness, forgiveness and the whole lot of expressions that give meaning to the acts of charity and service. It is little wonder that the name ‘Karuna’ was proposed by Mammen Mathew (the then President of Rotary Club), which is the Malayalam translation of the word “Mercy”- the charism of Daughters of Our Lady Mercy. At present Hundred and Fifty students are studying here. Every year we get 100% success in S.S.L.C and H.S.S Examination. Sr. Jemma is the present co-operative Manager Sr.Alice is the present HM and Sr Rani is the Local managerof the school.

The school focuses on acquisition of academic skills by way of training to apply knowledge to real-life situations under the guidance of professionally competent staff to ensure the overall development of a student. The school came into existence in 14 MAY 1980 and within a span of more than a decade the school has become the much sought after educational institution for the parents who are specific about a result –oriented, holistic and academic growth and development.