A centre of Excellence established for children with hearing and speech impairments to enable them to achieve academic and social excellence,and thereby create a society where talent , opportunity and dreams are the same for all regardless of their disabilities.

“To incarnate the Spirit and Mission of St.Mary Joseph Rossello, we committed our lives to do the works of mercy motivated by the love of God, we strive for the extension of the Kingdom of God.”

To provide equitable and exemplary learning opportunities to children with hearing and speech impairments by incorporating unique teaching and learning strategies along with pioneering technology to give each child individual assistance tailored to his/her needs.

“To be a vital power in the Church to reveal the mercy of God, the Father and reach out to the poor and marginalized and bring them to the mainstreams of the society.”


Karuna Special School Educational Institution strives to achieve academic excellence by futuristic outlook in the field of Education in a well disciplined environment though

  • Continually improving the quality of education and maintaining the institution as an effective human resource development organization to face the challenge of an ever-changing life and unpredictable future.
  • Pursuing Global standards of excellence in all our endeavors in teaching.
  • Contributing to the nation and beyond, outstanding students who use discipline, motivation and self direction to reach their fullest potential
  • A virtuously emblazed kingdom that is spiritually encircled to the divinely ‘amorpatriae’ (the love for the country)
  • Widening the thrust of mind for an environment echelon with a sustainable green atmosphere.